Clean your Windows by Following Tips and See a Change!

Despite the fact that window cleaning in Witham is crucial, people do not hire cleaners as they prefer saving cost. But are you aware that dirty windows cause health issues? Dust on the glass blurs the view and causes breathing problems that ultimately end up on asthma attack so if you are not willing to hire a professional, do the cleaning yourself as we have explained extremely effortless ways that prove helpful for cleaning and save the money too. Besides, we have tried our best to give you suggestions by using the things that are available at home.

Use Vinegar!

The qualities of vinegar are not hidden as it plays a vital part for fighting with stains. So why not use it for cleaning the windows? There is no need to follow a lengthy procedure as simply the vinegar should be added to water and that is all. Take a shower spray bottle and fill it with vinegar water to spray all over the glass and the stains will automatically be removed.

Use Soapy Water!

If vinegar is not available at home and you want to clean the windows on an urgent basis then the best approach is using the soapy water as it proves great for regaining the original shine of glass. Take a dishwashing soap or detergent and just mix it in plenty of water. After this, apply the water over the glass and leave for around five minutes. When you are done with applying soapy water, just wash the windows with clean pure water so all the soap will be drained along with dirt.

Use Lint-Free Cloth!

When you are done with the washing, just take a lint-free cloth or drying pad to soak the water and delivering a finishing touch to the glass. The main reason for using lint-free cloth is the prevention from scratches as the smooth fabric does not leave scratches or marks on the glass and lets you enjoy a beautiful and seamless finishing touch.

Apply Protector on the Glass!

Application of protector is the last step and it is vital too. Take a high-quality protector which is usually available in the form of liquid and just apply it all over the glass to prevent from scratches and harsh rays of sunlight. Now, you are all set to enjoy the clear and transparent appeal of the window. For flawless window cleaning in Witham, protectors are easily available in the market.